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Jeremy, the Pan Britannica Bunny

Posted: January 9th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: General | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off

Simple character design for a rabbit to be built in 3D and rendered as a shadeless, one-color animation.  It’d be fun to composite this style over video of cityscapes.  Might try out Blender’s new spline IK system to get the joints movements looking really fluid and curvy.

One-colour bunny

The pan britannica bunny

vector file: rabbit (pdf, 204KB)

Drops of the world.

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Expanding on yesterdays idea, I’ve just put together a processing sketch which takes a ‘panoid’ (extracted from streetview links), and creates a printable net of the location.

To create the net, I modeled the drop in blender, and used its handy ‘unfold’ python script (scripts > mesh > unfold).  This creates an svg of the flattened net, which I imported to illustrator to change line weights and add tabs for gluing everything together.


Streetview tiles


Blender model




Unfolded net.


Added tabs.

The processing sketch takes a ‘panoid’, which can be extracted from the link to a google street view.  It then extracts the image tiles, and squashes them to fit the net, before saving it out as a jpg.  At the moment, it’s making pretty small files (water droplets of the world), which may be modified in future to create higher-res, larger nets.

It’d also be nice to have this accept an address, and do the geocoding to find the nearest streetview point.  Looks like this should be possible with the services google are now offering (getNearestPanoramaLatLng()).  With this in place, it could all be wrapped nicely in a user-friendly website.

There are definitely still some problems with the mapping of images to the net that will be resolved when making a higher resolution version, but it’ll be interesting to see what these look like once printed and assembled.

The processing files can be downloaded here: dotw.

Streetview Baubles / a drop of the world

Posted: January 2nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: General | Tags: , , , | Comments Off

Just started a processing sketch which pulls images from Google streetview, and maps them to the outside of a Christmas bauble or rain drop.  It seems like there are a few things which could be done with it.  Besides the obvious digital spinning / pin on a map / morphing objects, it might be nice to have it create printable nets of a place which could be printed and folded up into little drops of the world.


Texture Octopus

Posted: October 17th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: illustration | Tags: , , , | Comments Off

Driftwood and paint octopus.

Driftwood and paint octopus.

Line drawing of giant octopus

Line drawing of giant octopus

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