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Canvas Tag

Posted: March 1st, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: General | Comments Off

I’ve been playing around with javascript and the canvas tag a bit recently.  It all seems pretty awesome, but I think the trick will be in finding novel ways to combine the tag with conventional DOM elements.  It seems like it would be all too easy to fall into the trap of building entire sites with the tag, which would suffer from a lot of the problems flash only sites (used to?) have.

Here are my first tests (playing with 2d vectors and the canvas):

  1. Swirly mouse follow
  2. Click and drag
  3. Seeds dropped on a random path

(and the vector explosion on a path – http://greer-inc.com/ )

Like flash, I’m sure this will be great for games and added extras on sites.  It feels like there should be other uses too, which I’m keen to discover.  I’m currently looking into writing js apps which write info to the DOM, and draw pretty lines to the canvas.  Combining the too has been a little harder than I’d hoped so far though.  I’m not sure where best to draw the line between using the canvas and using HTML.  Should a data visualisation be entirely within the canvas, for example, or should the labels be traditional elements.  Does it matter?

Looking forward to getting into this more.  Next is building small interactive pieces which have some physics in them.  I’m hoping they might form part of a playful navigation for a portfolio site.